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Group Verb With Bangla Meaning

Most Important Group Verb With Bangla Meaning গুলো নিচে দেওয়া হলো। Group Verb With Bangla Meaning গুলো মনোযোগ দিয়ে পড়লে যে কোন পরীক্ষায় কমন পাওয়া যাবে।

  1. Act on or upon (affect, ক্ষতি করা) – Such hard work will act upon your health.
  2. Act up to (act according to, অনুসারে কাজ কর) – He always acts up to my advice.
  3. Bear away, off (win, জয় করিয়া লওয়া) – He bore away (off) four prizes in the Annual sports.
  4. Bear out (support, সমর্থন করা) – His evidence does not bear out the charge.
  5. Bear with (tolerate, সহ্য করা) – I cannot bear with such insult.
  6. Blow out (extinguish, নেভানো) – Blow out the lamp.
  7. Break away (get away, ভাঙ্গিয়া বাহির হইয়া আসা) – The convict broke away from the prison.
  8. Break down (decline, ভাঙিয়া পড়াবা দুর্বল হইয়া পড়া) – His health broke down for hard work.
  9. Break into (enter by force, ভাঙ্গিয়া প্রবেশ করা) – The robber broke into the house in midnight.
  10. Break out ( spread suddenly, হঠাৎ থামিয়া যাওয়া) – Cholera broke out in the through the enemy’s line.
  11. Bring about (cause to happen, ঘটানো) – He tried to bring about a quarrel between them.
  12. Bring forth (Produce, উৎপাদন করা) – The timely rain brings forth good corps.
  13. Bring off (rescue, রক্ষা করা) – He brought off the passengers on the wrecked ship.
  14. Bring out (publish, ছাপাইয়া প্রকাশ করা) – The publisher has brought out a new book.
  15. Bring through (cure, আরোগ্য লাভ করা) – The new medicine has brought the patient through.
  16. Bring up (rear, প্রতিপালন করা) – She is brought up by her mother
  17. Burst into (express emotion, হঠাৎ আবেগ প্রকাশ করা) – She burst into tears to see her dead son.
  18. Burst out (begin suddenly, ফাটিয়া পড়া) – He burst out laughing.
  19. Call for (demand, চাওয়া) – He called for an explanation from me.
  20. Call forth (use, কাজে লাগানো) – You have to call forth all your energy in the ensuring examination.
  21. Call off (withdraw, উঠাইয়া লওয়া) – The strike was called off.
  22. Call on upon, (meet, কাহারও সহিত দেখা করা) – He called on (upon) me in my office.
  23. Call up (remember, স্মরণ করা) – I cannot called over the name.
  24. Carry away (cause death to, মৃত্যু ঘটানো) – The was carried away by the current.
  25. Carry off (win, জিতিয়া লওয়া) – He carried off all the prizes.
  26. Carry out (obey, মান্য করা) – You must carry out my order.
  27. carry through (bring success, ফলপ্রসূ হওয়া) – His hard labour will carry him through.
  28. Cast about (move about, কোন কিছুর সন্ধানে ঘোরা) – He is casting about for an opportunity.
  29. Cast aside (throw off, ছড়িয়া ফেলা) – He cast aside (or, cast away, or cast off) his old shoes.
  30. Cast out (reject, পরিত্যাগ করা)) – As he is my friend, I shall not cast him out.
  31. Catch up (come up with, নাগাল ধরা) – India is trying to catch up with the advanced countries.
  32. Come about (happen, ঘটা) – How did the accident come about?
  33. Come across (meet, দেখিতে পাওয়া) – I came across the lame man on the way.
  34. Come by (get, পাওয়া) – How did you come by this picture?
  35. Come down (decrease, কমিয়া যাওয়া) – The price of rice has come down.
  36. Come out (be known, প্রকামিত হওয়া) – The result will come out soon.
  37. Come round (recover, আরোগ্য লাভ করা) – The patient will come round soon.
  38. Come up to (be equal to, সমান হওয়া) – His word did not come up to our expectation.
  39. Cry down (decry, নিন্দা করা) – Do not cry down anything without considering the pros and cons of it.
  40. Cry for (demand, দাবী করা)– They are crying for a master plan for the prevention of flood.
  41. Cry out (Shout, চিৎকার করা) – He cried out for help.
  42. Cut off (dislocate, বিচ্ছিন্ন করা) – The robbers cut off the telephone connection.
  43. Do away with (abolish, বন্ধ হওয়া বা করা) – We should do away with our bad habits.
  44. Do up (put into order, গুছানো) – He has to do with all sorts of people
  45. Do with (deal with, ব্যবহার করা) – He has to do with all sorts of people.
  46. Deal in (carry on business, ব্যবসা করা) – He deals with me very well.
  47. Deal with (behave, ব্যবহার করা) – He deals with me very well.
  48. Draw away (divert, অন্যদিকে সরাইয়া লওয়া) – His attention was drawn away by the noise.
  49. Draw in (reduce, সংকচিত করা) – Try to draw in your expenditure.
  50. Draw off (pull of, টানিয়া ফেলা) – She drew off her gloves.
  51. Drive away (turn out, বিতাড়িত করা) – He was driven away from the village.
  52. Fall back upon (have recourse to, শেষ অবলম্বন রূপে গ্রহণ করা) – Having lost his job he fell back upon agriculture.
  53. Fall in with (agree with, একমত হওয়া) – I cannot fall in with his views.
  54. Fall off (decline, কমিয়া যাওয়া) – The quality of goods has fallen off.
  55. Fall on (attack, আক্রমণ করা) – The robbers fall on the passer-by.
  56. Fall out (quarrel, কলহ করা) – Do not fall our with your friend.
  57. Fall through (fail, ব্যর্থ হওয়া) – All his plans fell through.
  58. Fill in up (Complete, পূরণ করা) – Fin in (up) the gaps.
  59. Get away (escape, পলায়ন করা) – The thief could not get away with the necklace.
  60. Get down (descend, নামা) – He got down from the train.
  61. Get into (ascend, উঠা) – He got into the train.
  62. Get off (escape, পালানো) – The thief got off safely.
  63. Get on (proceed, অগ্রসর হওয়া) – How are you getting on with your studies?
  64. Get out (come out, প্রকাশিত হওয়া) – The secret got out at last.
  65. Get over (overcome, অতিক্রম করা) – He will soon get over the difficulties.
  66. Get through (succeed, সাফল্য লাভ করা) – He got through the examination.
  67. Give in (yield, বশ্যতা স্বীকার করা) – The enemies gave in at last.
  68. Give out (disclose, প্রকাশ করা) – He will never give out the truth.
  69. Give up (abandon, পরিত্যাগ করা) – Try to give up your bad habit.
  70. Go about (move about, ঘুরিয়া বেড়ানো) – He goes about canvassing his goods.
  71. Go after (follow, পশ্চাদ্ধাবন করা) – The dog went after the thief.
  72. Go by (act according to, অনুসারে চলা) – I have to go by rules.
  73. Go forth (be issued, বাহির হওয়া) – The order went forth for the public yesterday.
  74. Go in for (sit for, প্রতিযোগিতা করা) – He is going in for the W.B.C.S. Examination.
  75. Go out (extinguish, নিভিয়া যাওয়া) – The light has gone out.
  76. Go through (read, পড়া) – He has gone through many hardships.
  77. Go through (bear, সহ্য করা) – He has gone through many hardships.
  78. Go with (agree, একমতে চলা) – he will not go with you in this master.
  79. Go without (live without, অভাবে কাটানো)– They have to go without from time to time.
  80. Hang up (delay, দেরি করানো) – The plan been hanging up for a long time.

Group Verb With Bangla Meaning. Group Verb With Bangla Meaning.


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