Noun Exercises Multiple Choice Questions

সূত্রঃ প্রতিটি ভুল উত্তরের জন্য ০.২৫ নম্বর কর্তন করা হবে।

BCS, Bank, Ntrca, প্রাইমারি, মন্ত্রণালয়সহ সকল চাকুরির প্রস্তুতির জন্য।

1. The word ‘noun’ is a-


2. Which is not a proper noun ?


3. Which one is noun?


4. What kind of noun is girl-


5. Which one is noun?


6. Which of the following is not a collective noun?


7. Which of can be used both as verb and noun?


8. Deny শব্দটির noun –


9. You have no right to do it. The bold word is-


10. Which one is a noun?


11. What kind of noun the word  cattle is-


12. The Jury were divided in their opinion-


13. The rice of Dinajpur is fine. The underline word is-


14. What type of noun the word ‘infancy’ is-


15. Which one is noun?


16. What type of noun is ‘kindness’?


17. Mutton is a/an


18. Advertising is-


19. Which one is noun?


20. Which  is collective noun?


21. Which is not a abstract noun?


22. Which is not a collective noun?


23. Which is not a material noun?


24. What kinds of noun ‘Music’?


25. What kinds of noun ‘Rice’?


Online Exam-Noun Exercises MCQ সম্পর্কে বিস্তারিত জানতে আমাদের ওয়েবে ভিজিট করুন। Online Exam-Noun Exercises MCQ পেজটি সাথে রাখতে এখনেই শেয়ার করে টাইমলাইনে রেখে দিন।

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