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সূত্রঃ প্রতিটি ভুল উত্তরের জন্য ০.২৫ নম্বর কর্তন করা হবে।

সময় ♦ দুপুর:12.00 টা থেকে 12.25 মিনিট এবং রাত : 10.00 টা থেকে 10.25 মিনিট পর্যন্ত।

NB. পরীক্ষা শেষ হলে নিচের এই ফরমে নাম ই-মেইল এবং ‍নিজের রেজাল্ট লিখে সাবমিট করতে হবে।

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1. He sleeps  a sound sleep.


2. This is the go of the world. Here ‘go’ is ?


3. I am in the process of collecting material for my story.


4. Still water run deep.


5. Give me the white colored dress.


6. All that glitters is not gold.


7. Please do not look back.


8. Down went the Titanic.


9. He went down the road.


10. The warring of the authority falls on deaf ears.


11. We go to our University by our University bus.


12. Long book there lived a wise king in accounting.


13. They organized a volunteer corps.


14. Our blessing come from above.


15. After ages will sing his glory


16. All spoke in his favor.


17. I saw him once before.


18. But me no buts.


19. I know him better.


20. The day of my sister’s marriage ceremony is drawing near.


21. My needs are few.


22. Serve him right.


23. He is still in idleness.


24. The man is honest.


25. I walked for a while.


26. His appeal __ mercy was rejected.


27. The committee has arrived __ a decision.


28. Jalal asked __ a loan of TK. 1000/-


29. He is blind __ his son’s fault.


30. I was bound —- contract —- pay the money.


31. He made a comment—– proposal.


32. You should drive the car at a speed  compatible —-safety.


33. He has great confidence —— his assistant.


34. A style of reporting must confirm ——the prevailing practice .


35. Nothing can compensate _____ this kind of  loss.


36. He readily complied _____ my request.


37. I find it very difficult to concentrate ___ my work when it is such a lovely day outside.


38. Jamal is not different ___ Kamal.


39. ‘ We condole ____ him his ___ loss


40. He has dealt ___the problem nicely.


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