Unity Online Model Test

1. Which is not a proper noun ?


2. There is __ on the road today.


3. What kind of noun is girl’’-


4. I think ___should play more taxes.


5. What kind of noun the word  cattle’’ is-


6. The Jury were divided in their opinion. Here  Jury’’ is a –


7. The rice of Dinajpur is fine. The underline word is-


8. Advertising is-


9. Singular form of  data’’ is-


10. Singular form of agenda’’ is-


11. Plural of  ‘criterion’ is-


12. What is the plural of calculus’’?


13. He is accessible ­­­__all.


14. He was accompanied __ his father.


15. we are accustomed __hot weather.


16. __ is currently available to researches and physicians who study the indigenous life of Bangladesh.


17. __ can afford to pay such high prices.


18. Which one of the nouns has no singular form?


19. What is the plural form of ‘it’?


20. Which one is plural?


21. Past participle of ‘thrust’ is-


22. Put out the lamp. Here ‘put out’ is-


23. Gerund is related to-


24. The book that you see __ on the table belongs to me.


25. The flood did not __ us that much; thank goodness.


26. Choose the correct sentence.


27. Which one is a intransitive verb?


28. Whch of the following is not a type of incomplete verb?


29. What did you tell her ? ‘what’is _


30. He dare not touch me. ‘dare’ _ is used here as.


31. Find out the semi –modal verbs _


32. We helped him _ the work.


33. I love to play chess. Here ‘to play’ is _


34. He did it. Here ‘did’ is _


35. He run a race _ here run is a _


36. He had his hair _


37. Anis had shahed _ the floor.


38. Which word is both a noun and a verb?


39. Which one is verb?


40. Right the wrong. Here wrong is _


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